Since I’m of the Gunn Clan, and since my SCA Persona is vaguely Scottish / Norse(ish),  I was doing some research trolling through the libraries of the world in search of “authentic” and period names for the second part of my SCA name.

Specifically, I was researching period names of the area of Scotland under Norse/ Gunn Clann control.

The first part of my SCA name is Susannah

  • Close enough to my actual name that there is a chance I’ll actually respond to it when addressed
  • Spellable & Pronouncable – if you’ve seen some of the SCA names and names of the norse/gaelic variety you’ll understand this.

Now I’m working on the second part of the name

I struck it rich!  Found and downloaded old (almost SCA-period themselves 🙂 ) articles* from an old ‘private’ journal called Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney Shetland Caithness and Sunderland (circa 1911) and Proceedings of the Antiquaries of Scotland (circa 1922)

Now I just gotta get up the gumption to actually sit down and read these.  They are a wee tad brain-numbingly boring dry.

*May all the Gods and Goddesses bless those visionaries who thunk it a good idea to put even the oldest articles online in PDF format.