The Lady Mary Memorial Tourney is a signature event for our barony.  It is held in honour of the Mother (Lady Mary) of one of our founding members who let the original members meet at her house.

The Barony of Rising Waters invites you to attend the Lady Mary Memorial Tourney

My parents have always been interested in history – it was them that sparked my interest by when they took my siblings and I to all manner of history places.  We went to Upper Canada Village Old Fort Henry when we lived in Canada.  When we lived in the UK they took us to all the castles, manors, and museums they could get us to. They took us fossil hunting in the farmer’s field in the Downs at the end of our street, and we spent a summer vacation driving down the Rhine river stopping at every castle and historical spot on the way.

They’ve decided that their first SCA event will be this year’s Lady Mary.  I’ll either have to get my butt in gear and churn out oodles of garb, or hit up the Barony’s Gold Key loaner garb selection.

What’s that?  … Yeah, loaner garb – good plan! 😉