I’m really good at Procrastinating!

The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up.

~Author Unknown

Actually I think it’s more of an overabundance of things to do. It’s hard to fit family, full-time work, chores, yoga, exercise, reading, knitting, gardening, sewing, writing, coursework, music lessons, and research all into 24 hours while maintaining any degree of sanity.

What inevitably happens is that I start but never finish. For instance, this weekend is Lady Mary – I had plans! (yes! I did!) I had planned to have a great deal of garb done by now. I was going to have enough garb so that the entire family would have enough stuff (and not look thrown together)

However, I have had to go raid the Gold Key stash, and have three four six unfinished projects lying around the house (mostly serving as sleeping cushions for The Cat™)

On the bright side I have managed to convince my parents to come and The Husband™ has convinced a friend to perhaps come along.