Dear Interweb,

I’m proud to introduce you to my latest SCA projects

The Barony of Rising Waters new web site:  Thanks to Lady Briend Molyneaux d’Shane Cashel for all the techie assistance and for hosting (hostessing?) the site on her server. Thanks also to Lord Tristan (the former Web Minister) for having a great site to copy and paste from.

Our Barony is hosting Fall Coronation for the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Visit the event web site here:
At this event not only will Count Quilliam be crowned King, he will also be knighted.

In other news…
My sewing machine has gone tits up, so even if I had time to be doing garb – garb would not be being done.*
Does anyone else find summers more stressful on the schedule than the winter?

*yeah yeah.. I know… they didn’t have sewing machines back then they woulda done it by hand. I invoke the “creative”, and “middle ages as the ought to have been” clauses.

Broccoli and Brake pads,
Lady Susannah