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This past Saturday was our Lady Mary Memorial Tourney.  We had a blast and great weather.

The Husband™ trumpeted the opening court fanfare and was thrilled to have recieved a token of appreciation from an attendee for doing so.

My parents enjoyed their day – My dad got to fire off some arrows and try his hand at throwing knives and axes.

My big news of the day was that at the afternoon court not only did Beatrix (aka BabyGirl™) recieved an Award of the Chalice’s Crystal, but I was awarded an Award of Arms. Officially a Lady! *still stoked* 😀


Lady Susannah (of Rising Waters)


I’m really good at Procrastinating!

The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up.

~Author Unknown

Actually I think it’s more of an overabundance of things to do. It’s hard to fit family, full-time work, chores, yoga, exercise, reading, knitting, gardening, sewing, writing, coursework, music lessons, and research all into 24 hours while maintaining any degree of sanity.

What inevitably happens is that I start but never finish. For instance, this weekend is Lady Mary – I had plans! (yes! I did!) I had planned to have a great deal of garb done by now. I was going to have enough garb so that the entire family would have enough stuff (and not look thrown together)

However, I have had to go raid the Gold Key stash, and have three four six unfinished projects lying around the house (mostly serving as sleeping cushions for The Cat™)

On the bright side I have managed to convince my parents to come and The Husband™ has convinced a friend to perhaps come along.