If you have come here seeking information about “The Feast Project” (aka The A&S Project to End All A&S Projects) you have come to the right place!

To follow our progress just click on the Society for Creative Anachronism / The Feast Project Tab.

This project is BIG. This project will take time, energy, and lots and lots of work. This project has the potential to spin off in lots of interesting, fun, and wildly creative directions.

In an effort to keep us focused on the ultimate goal (The Feast!) Lady Ysabeau de Comport will be the project coordinator. She is tasked with keeping us coordinated, focused, and moving forward.

Many hands make light work.
~John Heywood

To those members of the Barony of Rising wanting to participate – Wassail!
There are (and will be) plenty of ways to get involved.
Please contact Lady Ysabeau de Comport: ysabeaudecomport(at)yahoo(dot)ca for more information.

The (mostly) Marvellous Memoirs of a Modern Medieval Maven is set up as a blog – so follow along! Comments appreciated, constructive discussion welcomed!

I will be happy to respond to questions regarding posts on this blog,
HOWEVER all official information, comments, and inquiries regarding The Feast project will be forwarded to the Project Coordinator (Lady Ysabeau de Comport)